When Dreams Are Truer

Sometimes dreams seem to be truer than the realities;
You see, you hear, you feel;
You win, you gather, you give;
All that would be blatantly denied facts,
And torn apart in immediate confrontations!

Whilst some dreams just bring solace to an agitated mind,
Some devise and build wings for it to fly;
To fly and soar high above the black clouds of despair,
Just as an eagle rises above it;
Undaunted, unstoppable, unparalleled.

Starve the bitter and harsh realities;
Focus, feed and propel your cherishable dreams.
It is a great matter of wisdom, patience and grit;
That shall ultimately jolt your foes and antagonists,
And crown you as the unbeatable conqueror of all times.

An August Diary

It was a beautiful moment
With thick grey August clouds
Hovering high above the crystal lake,
Waiting to shower any time,
And quench thirsty souls
Walking beneath on the green grass.

As I held onto my mother’s Mulmul saree,
And traded the alluring pathways,
Drizzle blew across my curious face;
Then I bent over the railings,
To watch the waters rippling
A hundred unbound thrills in me.

As the Sun briefly peeped through,
The waters sparkled into a bed of diamonds;
The last of the Krishnachuras of the season
Swayed its flamboyance in the moist air,
Sustained in sounds of laughter and joy
Amid the splendour of a rising rainbow.

Life As A Kaleidoscope

We are born by chance,
We may just survive;
We may merrily live;
We may want to die;
We may fight death;
We may be walking dead;
We shall die inevitably.
Life is thus all between birth and death,
Our Destiny being absolutely shaped by
Nature, and our Karma – present or past!

What we inherently are is ruled by the elements;
What we become is cast by our environment;
What we judge is inspired by our perceptions;
What we choose is decided by our inclinations;
What we eliminate is ordered by our compulsions;
And these uncover our lives as great, average or complex!
Thereby lies the need of an interwined society,
Ridden with deep understanding of people’s situations;
Genuine acceptance of someone’s hard failures as lessons for all;
And timely support for other’s long, exceptional struggles.

Bereft of empathetic hearts that listen and embrace,
Of hands that stretch to hold and care for the underprivileged,
Of eyes that spread kindness and hope to the darkest corners,
This otherwise beautiful planet is masked hellishly!
Let’s think wisely, believe in positivity and impress glamourously,
As if the world is going to last forever.
Let’s appreciate someone’s precious attempts as much as other’s achievements,
And slip into the shoes of the distressed, and heal their traumas.
Yes, it is all possible to intensely feel every such emotion,
Only if we have a healthy constitution, a trained mind and are a passionate soul.

Awaken Thy Soul

Gradation of a personality
Keeps shifting between its heart and its mind.
Whereas the heart naturally inclines and throbs,
The constrained mind opines and doubts;
And a dormant soul merely watches
To be jolted only at the peak of conflicts!

The seasoned mind and the unassuming heart,
Though seem to be dominating at various times
Are nothing but mortal;
So subjected to series of worldly failures and losses,
They may lose their sanity or serenity,
And fall silent with inevitable death.

Hence, maketh awakening of thy soul
An early and absolute practice!
Seek a Guru, and nurture it with treasures of holy scriptures;
Permeate it so profoundly with wisdom,
That your worries and dilemmas of today,
Shall get precisely settled tomorrow.

Be not after gratuitous trophies and glitters.
But howsoever difficult, let us be all meaningful in needful lives;
And enrich their memories with our noble works.
For all that ultimately matters is,
If our souls can contentedly meet the Creator
With conviction and justifiable deeds!

What Good Charm

Life is all colors;
Blend in your smile,
And it shall be a bouquet.
Soak it up in tears,
And it shall be an empty canvas.

The gypsy gave me an anklet and a ring
To be put on a new Moon night,
As to drive the evils away;
I nodded to the left, and to the right,
And wondered what good charm was in store!

As I sat beside the Willow,
And looked up at the falling sky,
Remembering my days of laxity and in vain,
I found a few of some great boom,
And wondered what good charm was in store!

Mending Ways

There comes a time in life,
When one feels quite compelled to drift down
Along the shelves of earned trophies,
And vague paths of memories.
Some unpleasant and some queer;
Some beautiful and some ugly;
While some still wanting a priceless reconsideration,
And perhaps a weighed compromise or a profound embrace!

The past might have seemingly erred in business,
Or witnessed an apparent personal rejection;
But as realization dawns later,
It shows it was to let grow certain things,
And not to let them go in vain!
Howsoever tough a decision the mind might have authored,
And the heart grieved in darkest nights,
It was to secure the best and the brightest!

When one meets the lost other once again,
New achievements are highlighted,
And old events are recaptured to mutually attentive ears;
Mugs of hot coffee pour in,
Then gradually streams forth subdued emotions.
Whilst the topics run severally and continuously,
It may unfold grudges, secrets and misinformation;
And it may even mirror deep admiration or affection!

Relationships are often gripping mysteries;
The blood does not always connect,
And the unconnected are surprisingly bonded into eternity.
Reflections and forgiveness are utter blessings;
So we need to invariably guard ourselves
Against ego, anger, arrogance and revenge;
Whether ours or theirs – of men or women,
For it heals none but rather causes destruction!

Let not be there any strategem;
Let the hearts be all clear and open;
Let not the minds cast a doubt;
For this gifted life is once,
And it is rare and fortunate
To get a second chance and humbly mend ways,
To together fill in the remaining empty days
With mutual appreciations, good deeds and sheer charm!

Shades Of True Love

The shades of true love
Are bewitching as well as time-tested;
It sparks in the bossom,
Hugs in the garden of blooms,
Becomes a torrid affair,
And still may lie silent as the new moon!

For a while – hate it, regret it, fight it;
But as they say – set it free, and it comes back to you.
Meet the fabulous world outside,
And yet your eyes look for it everywhere!
Its voice is blissfully magical,
Like a golden bell from the Heavens.

And when it thus returns,
It is deeper and stronger;
These wonderful bonds can never be broken,
For they are interwined into eternity.
It brings out the best version of you,
And can make you ready even for a war!

It knows no age or boundaries;
It can speak to you using signs,
It can touch you without using hands,
It can give you solace by being a patient listener,
It can awaken your dead soul by compassion alone;
Such are its enormous capabilities!

No matter how hungry it leaves you,
You eagerly empty your plate onto its.
Howsoever it tires you,
You embrace it until your last breath.
And when you can no longer talk,
Your beautiful memories echo it for you.

The Spark of Motherhood

The essence of motherhood is compassion and love;
Therefore, it is a role; not a status or a trophy!
Compassion will drive one to courage,
And love will drive one to care;
Everything being unconditional, pure and utmost.

There strolls the jovial woman with her baby in her arms;
And there rests the expectorant mother in the lawns.
Then there’s the one who hasn’t borne a child from her womb,
But eagerly awaits to bear one from her heart.
Does anything enhance or assuage any of their motherly affections?

There goes the husband with his wife in a wheelchair for years;
And there’s the busy father managing to bake a pancake for his child.
Then there’s the one who routinely bathes the wounds and feeds his fiancee,
Though he knows she’ll never be able to recognise him again.
Does anything mollifies these men’s hearts than that of a mother?

There limps the old loyal help at her landlady’s midnight distress;
And there’s the street urchin nursing a puppy hit by a motorist.
Then there’s the woman who feeds her baby on her right,
And the lost fawn on her left.
Does anything lessen their urge of motherly responses?

When the world celebrates Mother’s Day,
It forgets to honour these thousands of great motherly tales;
It only cheers the ‘fruitful’ womb,
And not the God-gifted or natural call of conscience!
It still miserably fails to question this essentiality of our spirits.

There are laps that lull orphaned children to a fairytale sleep;
There are minds struggling to shelter the homeless;
There are eyes looking out to rescue the abandoned widows;
There are hands that habitually give ablutions to terminally ill patients;
Yet they are unknown, they are largely unrecognised!

Let’s discover such beautiful hearts, and cherish all the shades of motherhood;
Let’s see these manifestations as oneness of the Universe,
And teach our next generations to imbibe the same.
From themes and texts in colorful cards to dazzling events,
Let the message spread, and let our consciousness be brilliantly lit.

Heal The Scars

Across many places in the dark world,
One of the most inhumane acts are acid-attacks!
This extreme violence pounces upon the victim
When she apprehends it the least,
Or has to give up escaping the hounding chase by her perpetrators.
Beyond screams of unbearable pain and silent sufferances,
It disfigures, it maims;
It tortures, and it can even kill!
Her spirit is doused in utter agony and distress;
Yet the hardened victim musters untold courage to stand infront of the mirror,
And the toughest challenge takes place everyday!
Beholds she not her remaining exterior beauty or devastation,
But the face and strength of her invincible soul,
That of a never-say-die attitude!
With a little help, she then prepares to step out boldly,
Ready to greet the old beautiful society,
And also to fight the diabolical part of it.
Howsoever she is stigmatized or sympathized or intimidated,
She is no more helpless or timid,
But stands firm and tall as the rocky mountain.
Her self-reliance and works speak for her,
Rooted in her confidence and sheer defiance!
Not cowed down by her criminals,
She lives a life of fortitude and dignity,
And leads by extraordinary tales of survival!
Come folks, let us take a collective call;
Let us try to imbibe at least some of her indomitable grit,
And step in to faster and better assist in fulfilling her cherished dreams.
Let us sincerely embrace her, and erase her otherwise irreparable scars,
And cheer her unfathomable valour, talent and beauty,
As Almighty would want us to humbly reflect, and do it as a great service to Him.

In My Dreams

In my dreams,
Up above the hills towering high
Where the Oak stood in the breeze,
And the full Moon shoned bright,
You bloomed like a Jasmine,
In my dreams.

You held me by my longing arms,
The beautiful embrace that was to be;
Your blue eyes spoke that love was true,
And your lips smiled
Like the petals of a Rose,
In my dreams.

The charming night drew closer,
As eternal stars lit the way dearer;
The fragrance of your hair
That swayed in golden locks and in gay,
Swept my toes away
In my dreams.