Indomitable Spirits

Life is aptly a mega drama
Whether of Veda’s four stages,
Or Bard of Avon’s seven ages.
The fluffy kitten and the tender calf,
Licked and caressed by the cat and the cow,
Draw beautiful symbols of man being nurtured by hands of care and attention
In the realm of unparalleled motherly affection.
Then speaketh the radiant young lover
Hundreds of verses of colourful days and starry nights.
Follows him the ardent worker,
Of grit, steel, success and rage.
However promising may seem a phase,
At times, intrudes the veil of tragedy and dark trail!
Insurmountable as the distant mountains may cast an aspersion,
Preconceived notions of ambitions and failure dim;
Once lights the spark of a passion to rise,
It heralds the unfolding dawn of a zeal to strive and to conquer;
And then, only the vast sky arrives as the limit to set one’s success galore!
Nevertheless, time again plays its own game;
A circle, and occasionally, a whirlpool;
As if it must thus shape
All but to try a man’s fortitude and destiny at stake;
Perishes the one who sees defeat and darkness,
Even before nightfall sinks in.
Survives he who is calm and poised,
Who loses not a moment in gathering himself up,
From the strength of an utterly trained mind and a seasoned heart
That forms the core of his unflinching essence.
Momentarily set back by the shadow of trials and tribulations,
He gallops ahead with the rigours of an unfathomable knight
Until again, he masters victory, joy and glamour in his domain.
So men must discipline their sinews and align their souls,
To not sway with the dusty, fiery, uncertain storm
But to stand upright, tall and mighty strong
When the tempest makes a stealthy sudden fall.
For man is the Lord’s mortal toy,
Yet meant to carve short or long but robust tales
Of courage, spirit and ardour;
And etch behind marks of inspiration, honour and pride,
On the nascent youth and the lasting times.

13 thoughts on “Indomitable Spirits

  1. Time and tide… Well written dear.
    Time, when and where? It was and will be… Comes with events and makes them memories, one may choose to hate or love. But, it is the truth. Love is the truth

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I must admit, it is well written. Would like to add a couple of lines “Don’t treat people as bad as they are, treat them as good you are. You can see the change in time and your struggle become easy. In the mortal world, this is essential of our survival”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks much..
      However, I feel that’s true to an extent. Because some people never change no matter how good we are disposed towards them, and then it’s best to avoid them as much as possible!


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